The "Rent-a-Rep" Program for Sports & Entertainment

Why Choose a Virtual Sales Team?

Ticket sales are the lifeblood of your organization, but high turnover and long ramp-up times can kill your sales team’s profitability.

The ISBI 360 Virtual Sales Network is a cost-effective answer to the challenges of finding, keeping and developing good sales talent.


Our unique training system recruits and prepares reps for the task of short-term (90-day) virtual ticket sales assignments from their homes. These reps generate sales revenue for you while being consistently trained and coached by a professional sports sales trainer, giving them real-world sales experience while they develop their skills.

If you like their style, you can hire one or more of them full-time after their assignment for a small transfer fee. It’s the most

cost-effective way for you to develop talent and generate ticket sales revenue in today’s ever-evolving business climate.

Fully-trained, road-ready, On-Demand sales professionals.

Contact Us to Customize Your Experience

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Mackie Feierstein

VP of Business Development


+1 (954) 494-7969

Bill Guertin

SVP of Business Development


+1 (815) 549-9134

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