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ISBI 360 provides cutting-edge solutions for the sports & entertainment industry to grow your people, sell more of your inventory, and recruit the best and brightest talent for your team.


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Three Solutions.One One Membership.

Whether you're in need of skills development, ticket sales, or the perfect new hire, ISBI 360 provides specific, targeted people solutions for the sports & entertainment industry. Organizations like the Oakland A's, Vegas Golden Knights, Denver Broncos and Arizona State University Athletics have benefitted from increased ticket sales, a better trained workforce, and/or found the ideal candidate for the position they needed to fill with the help of ISBI 360.


Our annual Membership in each of our programs allows you specific benefits, including access to a treasure trove of learning resources for each of your departments. How can we help you?

Virtual Training Network (VTN)

Proven Training Certification Methodologies

Our cutting-edge digital training network standardizes and automates the training and retention of sports and entertainment professionals.


  • Helps onboard your new hires successfully

  • Gives your veteran reps food for growth

  • Provides your current and future managers a firm foundation 

  • Allows your managers be at their best every day

  • Provides you a talent pool of “trained” candidates

Virtual Sales Network (VSN)

Fully-trained, Road-ready, On-Demand Sales Professionals

  • Traditional costs of hiring and maintaining a sales staff are absorbed by ISBI VSN

  • Available as "Rent-a-Reps" or as Full-Time sales hires for your team

  • Turn the call volume up or down as needed

  • Eliminate the risk of "bad hires" and draw from a proven talent pool

Virtual Recruitment Network (VRN)

An Innovative Recruitment Model for Today & Tomorrow

  • The Program is FREE to accepted/approved candidates

  • ISBI 360 provides a comprehensive and cohesive pathway, once a candidate graduates

  • Recruitment - Training - Placement all under one umbrella

  • Strategic partnerships and networking opportunities available within the Sports and Entertainment Industry

  • Scholarship programming available 

  • Graduates are available as "Rent-a-Reps" or as Full-Time sales hires for teams

  • Perfect for College Graduates (or soon-to-be) looking to get into the Sports & Entertainment business

About the ISBI 360 Network

We empower teams, leagues and entertainment properties with the vital industry-specific skills they need to grow and thrive. 

Our Mission


Transform executive training, ticket sales, and recruitment for the sports and entertainment industries through the utilization of the latest in virtual technology and learning & sales techniques to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

Our Certification Programs

Taught by Industry Experts in Sports and Entertainment

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill