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ISBI 360 provides training, ticket sales and recruitment solutions for the sports and entertainment industries.

Build A Better Team.

ISBI 360 provides cutting-edge solutions for the sports & entertainment industry to grow your people, sell more of your inventory, and recruit the best and brightest talent for your team.


Three Solutions.One All In One Place.

Whether you're in need of skills development, ticket sales, or the perfect new hire, ISBI 360 provides specific, targeted people solutions for the sports & entertainment industry. Organizations, leagues, and universities have benefitted from increased ticket sales, a better trained workforce, and/or found the ideal candidate for the position they needed to fill with the help of ISBI 360.

Our Memberships for each one of our solutions allows you specific benefits, including access to a treasure trove of learning resources for each of your departments. How can we help you?

Virtual Training Network (VTN)

Proven Training Certification Methodologies

Our cutting-edge digital training network standardizes and automates the training and retention of sports and entertainment professionals.


  • Helps onboard your new hires successfully

  • Gives your Veteran Reps ability to further develop their skill set

  • Provides your current and future managers a firm foundation 

  • Easy to fit into your staff’s daily/weekly routine with only 15 to 20 minutes a day

  • Live Coaching and mentoring from current industry veterans

Virtual Sales Network (VSN)

Fully-trained, Road-ready, On-Demand Sales Professionals

  • Short-term (90-day) sales engagements allows you time to fully ‘audition’ each Rep for potential hire

  • A flexible solution to ramp up your ticket sales during peak selling periods or supplement day-to-day efforts

  • Maintain an ongoing ‘bench’ of Reps to add to your current sales team

  • Traditional costs of sales staff are absorbed by VSN, average cost savings of 40%

  • Reps receive ongoing training and support from industry expert trainers while generating sales revenue

Virtual Recruitment Network (VRN)

An Innovative Recruitment Model for Today & Tomorrow

  • Clients have access to our ‘Rep Transfer Portal’ for potential new hires

  • Portal consists of certified Reps from our Ticket Sales Master Class who are looking for full-time employment

  • Eliminate the guesswork of hiring, increase the chance of success, and minimize the potential risks of ‘bad hires’ 

  • 97% of hires are still employed within the sports industry

  • 90-day money back guarantee if not satisfied with performance

Sports Stadium

You Need Real Results.
We Deliver.


Professional Sports Leagues & Entertainment Properties


Teams, Venues, Colleges and Universities


Teams or Properties using our Proprietary Sales Network


Certification Program Completion Rate


Participated in Our ACADEMY training program


ISBI 360 ACADEMY sales graduates placed at professional teams, leagues & properties

ticket sales training, customer service training, sponsorship sales training, social media training, leadership training
“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” 

Michael Jordan

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