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Your On-Demand, Internal Sales Department

Why Choose a Virtual Sales Team?

Today’s business environment has proven that a work-from-

home staff can not only be productive, it can be done effectively and affordable.

ISBI VSN is an “A-List” group of sellers with sports sales

backgrounds who are proven winners and motivated

to sell.

They’ve been given world-class training and tools to do

the job and are ready to go to work for you “on-demand”

for as long as you need them.

Access top tier sales reps with none of the downside of

a traditional, in-house employee.

Fully-trained, road-ready,

On-Demand sales professionals

  • Traditional costs of hiring and maintaining a sales staff are absorbed by ISBI VSN

  • Available as "Rent-a-Reps" or as Full-Time sales hires for your team

  • Turn the call volume up or down as needed

  • Eliminate the risk of "bad hires" and draw from a proven talent pool


Need Sales Fast but Can’t Hire? “Rent a Rep” TODAY & Reach Your Goals!

You decide how many dedicated VSN reps you want to be calling for you. You decide what inventory they can sell, and who they’ll be calling. You can monitor their performance, track their results, and even listen in to their calls.


We train them, manage their performance and deliver sales results to you, all at a cost that’s significantly lower than your current average COS.


In addition, if you like what you see, our ISBI VSN reps are ALSO available for full-time employment, if and when you decide you

need traditional in-house sales reps.

A New, Cost-Effective Solution for Sales Results in a Changing World

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Our Virtual Sales Team consists of Hand-Picked Veteran All-Stars with backgrounds from the

Brett Zalaski

+1 (832) 499-5350

H. Douglas Quinn

+1 (917) 362-2444

Bill Guertin

+1 (815) 549-9134

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