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Onboarding - Essentials of Ticket Sales

Taught by:  
Bill Guertin,
Chief Learning Officer at ISBI 360°
Program Overview: 
The ISBI 360° PRO Onboarding - Essentials of Ticket Sales program uses the concept of “micro-learning”– shorter, more specific lessons over a consistent, longer period of time – to reinforce the lessons learned, as opposed to traditional multi-day live training programs.  A Stanford University study has shown that this learning methodology has been proven to hold the attention of participants longer, create new habits more readily, and maintain a consistent training regimen over a longer period of time.
The certification program consists of  9 Micro-Learning Modules and will provide teams, leagues, properties and participants with a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and strategies related to sales  departments in a sports and entertainment organization.  It program includes PRO, the micro-certification training program and PRO+, the continuing education archive and library.

To make learning “stickier”, ISBI 360° uses a unique combination of:


  • Short, professionally-created video training lessons;

  • Role play videotaping to demonstrate proficiency of the lessons learned; and

  • An experienced, sports-specific sales Coach to guide their performance, answer questions about the material, and provide one-on-one mentoring. 


Within each week of the 9-Module “micro-learning” program, you’ll experience:


“Chalk Talks”– shorter videos with a narrated, Webinar-style look and feel; and 


“Drill Sessions”  -- 2-minute scenarios and instructions on recording your OWN role play videos, using the lessons you just learned in a fictitious scenario on your own video camera, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.


"Coaches Corner" -- a 30-minute "live" weekly webinar with your assigned coach to discuss Module topics, questions and techniques utilized by your coach.

Basic Info
9-Modules each with Chalk Talks, Drill Sessions, and a weekly Coaches Corner - all with respective assessments. And PRO+ library.
9-11 weeks, 15-20 minutes per week plus the coaches corner
Anytime, Anywhere. Online. 24/7
Participants are required to maintain an 85% in order to complete the program.

ISBI 360°’s user-centric tools bring out the best results from every interaction. 

Extend and deepen user learning.

Onboarding - The Essentials of Ticket Sales program consists of:  
Program Description by Module:

MODULE 1  - The Fundamentals of Sports Sales

MODULE 2  - Selling Season Tickets

MODULE 3 -  Selling Group Tickets

MODULE 4  - Selling Face-to-Face

MODULE 5  - Closing

MODULE 6 -  Addressing Objections, Part 1 

MODULE 7  - Addressing Objections, Part 2

MODULE 8  - Best Practices for Positive Results

MODULE 9  - Daily Habits of Success

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