Agility, Access and Attitude: Engaging Your Fans and Customers with Social Media

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Taught by:  Seth Rabinowitz, former SVP Marketing and Fan Engagement, The New York Jets
Seth ran the social media accounts for the NFL's New York Jets from 2013 to 2017, during which time he established the team as leader and innovator in using social media as a fan engagement tool.  With award-winning content and high production values, Jets social media has for many years set the pace for professional sports teams as a direct-to-fan communication platform.
Program Overview: 
The ISBI 360° PRO Agility, Access and Attitude: Engaging Your Fans and Customers with Social Media program uses the concept of “micro-learning”– shorter, more specific lessons over a consistent, longer period of time – to reinforce the lessons learned, as opposed to traditional multi-day live training programs.  A Stanford University study has shown that this learning methodology has been proven to hold the attention of participants longer, create new habits more readily, and maintain a consistent training regimen over a longer period of time.
The certification program consists of  6 Micro-Learning Modules and will provide teams, leagues, properties and participants with a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and strategies related to sales  departments in a sports and entertainment organization.  It program includes PRO, the micro-certification training program and PRO+, the continuing education archive and library.

To make learning “stickier”, ISBI 360° uses a unique combination of:


  • Short, professionally-created video training lessons;

  • Role play videotaping to demonstrate proficiency of the lessons learned; and

  • An experienced, sports-specific sales Coach to guide their performance, answer questions about the material, and provide one-on-one mentoring. 

Basic Info
6-Modules each with Chalk Talks, Drill Sessions, and a weekly Coaches Corner - all with respective assessments. And PRO+ library.
6-8 weeks, 15-20 minutes per week plus the coaches corner
Anytime, Anywhere. Online. 24/7
Participants are required to maintain an 85% in order to complete the program.

ISBI 360°’s user-centric tools bring out the best results from every interaction. 

Extend and deepen user learning.

The Agility, Access and Attitude: Engaging Your Fans and Customers with Social Media program consists of:  
Program Description by Module:

MODULE 1  - Understanding Fan Engagement in Today’s Social Media Landscape

MODULE 2  - Agility, Access, and Attitude:  The Building Blocks of Social Engagement

MODULE 3 -  Producing Good Content 

MODULE 4  - Troubleshooting and Crisis Management

MODULE 5 -  Staying Fresh and Relevant

MODULE 6 -  Integrating with Other Business Operations

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