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What is The ISBI 360 ACADEMY Program.

Today’s business environment has proven that a work-from-

home staff can not only be productive, it can be done effectively

and affordable. Although the way in which we do things today

is different, the educational foundation that we employ

remains the same.

Our Academy Program is for displaced veteran sales and service representatives and new representatives looking to get

back in the game or in the game for the first time.


Our Program focuses on sharpening & enhancing reps skills over a

2-week or 30-day Ticket Sales and Service Training Bootcamp. Accepted candidates will participate in one of several fast-tracked certification programs developed by the ISBI 360 PRO team.


Once a candidate graduates, they are placed into our Virtual Sales Network (VSN) and start selling for a team. The sales cycle lasts for 90 days at which point candidates can be hired (full-time) by professional sports teams. 

"These guys are killing it. Tons of activity and results are coming in.

Great work!"

James Caldwell Assistant General Manager - Sales/Marketing

Gateway Grizzlies Professional Baseball

An ISBI ACADEMY Director will be in touch shortly.


Fully-trained, road-ready

& Confident to Get

Back in the Game

  • The Program is FREE to accepted/approved candidates

  • ISBI 360 provides a comprehensive and cohesive pathway, once a candidate graduates

  • Recruitment - Training - Placement all under one umbrella

  • Strategic partnerships and networking opportunities available within the Sports and Entertainment Industry

  • Scholarship programming available 

  • Graduates are available as "Rent-a-Reps" or as Full-Time sales hires for teams

  • Perfect for College Graduates (or soon-to-be) looking to get into the Sports & Entertainment business

Working in Cafe

“Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.” – Mia Hamm

Our mission is simple: we provide a platform to train, motivate, manage and monitor individuals who are looking to get back in the game (displaced sales representatives) and for those who are looking to get into the game. 


We train them, manage their performance and ultimately deliver sales results to teams and properties.


In addition, if a team likes what they see, our ISBI VSN reps are ALSO available for full-time employment - it is that simple.

An Innovative, Game-Changing, Cost-Effective Solution for Sales Representatives, Teams, Leagues and Properties.

Our Virtual Sales Team consists of Hand-Picked Veteran All-Stars with backgrounds from the

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