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For those who aspire to BE in sports… Get the sales training 

that hiring managers want to see on a resume! 

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DID YOU KNOW?  Over 50% of the available jobs in sports are in the Sales department! In just 4 short weeks, you’ll have the industry-specific industry know-how sports teams are looking for when they hire their new sales staffs. It’s the very same training that pro sports teams pay many thousands of dollars to get for their OWN people.

MODULE 1  -  Fundamentals of Sports Sales

   What you need to know to begin a successful career in sports sales, including:

  • The Mindset of a Sales Champion

  • Using Creativity in Selling Sports

  • Getting to Know Your Prospect, and The Difference Between Persistent and “Pushy”

  • Role Play Exercises in Creativity and Curiosity - VIDEOTAPED 

MODULE 2  -  Behind the Curtain:  “Grinder” Tactics of the Best Sports Sales Reps

   The best in the business constantly work on these elements of success:

  • Pre-Call Preparation: What to Do and What to Avoid

  • Navigating Executive Assistants, Secretaries, and Other “Gatekeepers”

  • How to “Paint the Picture” and Leave an Effective Voice Mail in Sports Sales

  • Role Play Exercises in Picture-Painting and Voice Mails - VIDEOTAPED


MODULE 3  -  Closing the Sale:  Getting To “Yes”

  Moving clients to a positive decision professionally 

  • How to Recognize a Prospect’s “Buying Signals”

  • How to Close on a Ticket Sale or a Face-to-Face Appointment

  • Creating Urgency in Sales

  • Closing on a Follow-Up Sales Call (with Role Play Exercises VIDEOTAPED)

MODULE 4  -  Addressing Objections, Part 1 

  Ways to prepare for objections before AND after they happen

  • Why Objections are Opportunities, Not Problems to Solve

  • How to Answer Objections Related to Team Performance, Stalls and Put-Offs

  • How to Answer Price, Time and Distance Objections

  • Role Play Exercises in Answering Objections – VIDEOTAPED

  • Jobs available in Inside Sales, Ticket Sales, Group Sales, Service and Retention, Premium Seating Sales, Sponsorship Sales and more

  • 100% online, with live coaching from an industry veteran

  • Upon graduation, you’ll receive the exact words to put on your resume (Where is this? Has it been written?) that will attract the attention of sports hiring managers to get you noticed!  


Our Experts and our Coaches work in the NFL, MLB, the NBA, MLS, NCAA and more, and they know exactly what it takes to get hired.  Don’t wait!  


Sign up TODAY to receive this special low rate and get started on your own career journey in the world of sports!  

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4-Modules of skills techniques and a weekly "live" interaction with a pro sports job coach

4-6 weeks, 1-2 hours per week

Anytime, Anywhere. Online. 24/7

Upon successful completion, receive an ISBI 360 INSIDER Certificate to be used in job interviews